Happy Birthday Alex Ellis-Roswell

Charity walker Alex Ellis-Roswell is celebrating a birthday in the wilder parts of Wales, having walked there – the long way around – from Margate. He is celebrating with a pack of Welsh Cakes.

But what’s has Alex been upto since bumping into Royalty a month ago? Well, to start with he has been breaking in new boots.

Frankly, they look bloody awful but to each his own. I’d prefer something sturdier so my feet had to do less work.

It is good that Alex had fresh footwear since he met this young lady the very next day.

Alex is looking great with that beard, but beard and helmet? Never a good look.

These views, however, are faultless:

As well as experiencing amazing views, Alex is making some pretty impressive progress toward his goal:

He is also continuing to meet good people and get plenty of help along the way:

But.. he still misses home:

Although there are a few special moments out of the road:

And some darker ones:

But at least it’s all worth it:

But Alex is in a wild place and the progress is not easy:

But it is fascinating:

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