Reading Terry Pratchett

I have read my fair share of Pratchett but it took a brace of articles by libertarians Marc Sidwell and Scott Shackford for me to realise that much of the Discworld – especially Ankh Morpork – was a story about a fictional Hayekian order, or rather the struggles to acquire and keep one. I find it interesting the things you learn about someone when they go. You don’t know what you’ve got ’till its gone.

I am now contemplating re-reading much of the Discworld series. I guess I could start with the ones I own and worry about finding the others later, but I found this “Reading Order Guide” interesting. As well as showing the internal logical sequence of novels it shows the breadth of topics and themes that Pratchett tackled:


The chart is also available in French.



  1. I’m fairly certain I’d seen that before but thanks for reposting it. A complete re-read of the Discworld (once I’ve found where they are in all the boxes) is definitely on the cards.



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