Blank out of the day

“Ted Cruz is now on speaking on the floor.

He is the third Republican to participate and the first 2016 presidential candidate to speak today”

The Guardian Live blog update, about 10 hours into Rand Paul‘s partial Patriot Act filibuster .


  1. The left are not leaving out Rand Paul by accident – they fear him. After all they want to trip up Republicans with their Iraq War questions – a war Rand Paul opposed. Rand Paul’s support for the Forth Amendment is clearly sincere – the left fear that sincerity.

    The Forth Amendment either means something or it does not – the words “clear and present danger” do not appear in the Constitution (they are not there) and they should not be used as an excuse for perpetual “emergency powers” for the government. 9/11 was 14 years ago – if the government has not dealt with the threat by now, it is never going to deal with it. One can not just ignore the 4th Amendment for ever.



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