London for Leave

Thank you to all the people who came together over the last four days to help us send a message. That fear and hatred will not win. That happiness, prosperity and fulfilment for everyone are to be found outside the European Union.

Vote Leave on June 23rd.

I’m writing this letter as I’ve felt strongly about sharing my reasons for voting the way I will on the EU. I hope it will help some of you who are still undecided.

We’ve heard arguments from both sides. Uncontrolled immigration, unfavorable EU policies and regulations, EU funding to some of our industries, the provision of the single market. I really can imagine how this may have confused voters and this thought has been expressed by many. On top of this, the  tragic killing one of our MPs has numbed the atmosphere making us very emotional.

But my mind has been clear from the very start. For me, it’s a simple decision. For me, the EU represents the notion of an unelected superpower. 

It’s this basic idea of having an unelected and unaccountable superpower that opposes my fundamental values. For some people, right now, the EU provides lots of benefits, but with the power that we and other countries are giving it, who is to say that the same body will not harm us in the future. By voting in, we agree to this undemocratic way of governance. That is a huge risk I am not willing to take.

Even in a democratic system, how many of us actually feel empowered to make changes in society. For some of us it’s a huge battle, but at least we battle with hope. With the EU, that hope is further diminished.

Some of us don’t want to live in isolation by voting out. But what is wrong with being an individual, having your own identity? Isn’t that what we teach our children? Isn’t that how the rest of the world works?

Britain could allow people to freely come from the EU without being in the EU as part of the European Economic Area (EEA). And there are lots of things that can be agreed without having an unelected body over us. 

After we vote out, we still have to choose where we want to go. But at least then we have choices. So why give in to something that opposes our basic right to have a say… isn’t that the highest form of uncertainty?

The IN campaigners tell us how damaging it would be for Britain to leave. But doesn’t that itself represent a fundamental issue, having a body that has to ability to harm us even when we are not in it. Isn’t that what we call a ‘bully’?

For this reason, on 23rd June, I will be voting for democracy, accountability, individuality and freedom, and voting no to an unelected supremacy.


  1. Our country os going nowhere within the EU,Cameron has been runniing our country and it cant get any worse than the situation we are now in,hospital,schools,benefits and immigration are our biggest problem,this problen cannot be solved if we stay in !!!!!



    1. From Alyosha Karamazov
      ‘What have the continental Europeans ever done for the British in the 20th century, except make the lives of the people miserable? Why should it be different in the 21st century? These alliances are contractual bondage and suffering.
      The continent has always had, and continues to have, a propensity to totalitarianism and violence.’



  2. I fear that we are going to lose now – now that the horrible murder of the lady last week has been so ruthlessly exploited by Remain.

    But let us fight on and hope for the best.



  3. Well. That made me cry. Multicultural London for Leave. Wonderful stuff. Thank guys. This is so needed right now, best wishes from our Brazilian British household for LEAVE xx



  4. Simon, as I wrote elsewhere, I love the video. And particularly enjoy the snap of your family, and also of a young Master Gibbs who looks downright ecstatic.

    Excellent work throughout this whole thing. May your sails catch the wind! 😉



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