The Town Clerk of Britain

Should Britain decide to remain in the European Union on 23rd June, 2016, that clicking sound you hear behind you will be the door shutting on sovereignty.

The changes in voting mechanisms, the removal of the veto in so many areas, the primacy of the European Court has gradually emasculated the UK Parliament.

Yet more transfers of power will occur.

The EU would continue to draw power to itself and away from the nation states and your elected representatives. This makes the imperfect more so. The EU Parliament is a rubber stamp or, at best, an amending chamber not capable of rejecting, introducing nor repealing legislation.

The oft-denied plan to fold the British Armed Forces into a European military exists and will result in loss of independence in this area, partially, if not totally.
There are moves to unify taxation and expand into other competencies.

Welfare and health systems are due to be normalized.

The EU already has a de facto Foreign Office and Ambassador, even if ineffectual at this time.

In a short time, taxation, welfare, military, foreign relations will be out of the hands of the Prime Minister, Cabinet and UK Parliament.

Without control and a final say over such things, the definition of nationhood is stretched beyond absurdity as sovereignty is lost. Lost from the citizens via the Members of Parliament. That sovereignty is held in trust, and not to be handed over, but handed back. But if the nation votes Remain, it will most certainly be handed over. Maybe not right away, but gradually, carelessly or sometimes intentionally slipping between those representatives’ fingers. With that sovereignty goes the authority of the MPs and thus the authority of the person that is the Prime Minister.

If the nation votes Remain, one thing is certain, it will not remain a sovereign nation, but more a municipality. It will not have a use for a Prime Minister. The top job will have to change to match the remaining levels of authority and power.

Should the nation vote to Remain, I propose the top job title is changed to something more fitting: The Town Clerk of Britain.


  1. We have lost Tim.

    The British people have been taught that we (Leave people) are “murderers” and “Nazis” (I got all that yesterday as I was delivering leaflets).

    Also leaving the E.U. would “cost the government money” (a lie that Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne have spread) and lead the government to massively “increase our taxes” (Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne have been making that threat).

    Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne – I did not like them even before the start of the campaign, but I really detest them now. I long for the day when they are both out of office.

    As for the economy – it is bleeped (the monetary system is a Credit Bubble and, on the fiscal side, Mr Osborne has failed to balance the books – to put the matter mildly).

    But then the whole E.U. is bleeped – it is going to collapse over the next couple of years.



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