GOSH a principle!

I was heartened by this quote from a Great Ormond Street Hospital press release regarding the shameless hostility one of it’s employees expressed on BBC Question Time. I include a line from this news story for context:

Angry viewers demanded the woman, said to be a language and speech therapist at the hospital, was sacked after she addressed the Question Time panel at the filming of the programme in Watford.

“We cannot comment on questions around personal conduct of individual members of staff.”

Of course I support the right of employers to fire whom the hell they like for whatever reason they like but the recent trend of “the public” demanding employees of X for reason Z (where Z is often some emotional nonsense) is really  quite alarming. If someone is to be fired then it should be customary to think it through and weigh the matter carefully, so I am pleased Great Ormond Steet provided this refreshing break from the norm.

I wonder what would be said if a less popular organisation issued the same line?


  1. Yes, I would love to believe that the NHS was standing up for Freedom of Speech, but I do not believe it.

    For example had this women said “immigrants should be kicked out of Britain” she would now be looking for another job. The NHS (and the Progressive elite generally) only support Freedom of Speech when they agree with what is being said. The top managers most likely hope that all “Leave” people will die – and their children also.



    1. Paul I’m afraid in this occasion you have made the mistake of anthropomorphising ‘The NHS’ and conflating the heterogenous views of its many staff with the natural organisational traits of such a system.

      Just as it is not valid when celebrated by the left (NHS doesn’t save lives rather the staff working under it do) so it is an unhelpful angle as criticism, projecting views into individuals who then must then defend themselves rather than consider rationally the evidence for alternative health systems.



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