Places to watch Trump and the Decline of America

Tonight’s “meetup” is full. I continue to see new RSVPs in various places so I am beginning to mentally rehearse the process of dealing with confusion and over-capacity. It is a little stressful, if I am honest.

Let’s be clear about a few things. There are two ways to get registered – the Libertarian Home meetup (which has a waiting list) and Eventbrite (which does not).

The event has been organised with the kind assistance of the London Ayn Rand Meetup, but because an early decision was taken to refer it’s members to Eventbrite, then the only manageable way to deal with registration for it’s members is now to insist they do get them from Eventbrite. We will not do it this way again, but it is the case this time around.

Unfortunately, registration is necessary because demand is so high and because of a fire-safety limit. The image of a fire starting and libertarians spontaneously organizing an evacuation down overloaded stairs is somehow unappealing to me. So, if you are burning with desire to come and meet Yaron and meet your like minded libertarians to talk about Trump, then I am afraid there is no comfortable solution for doing so without registering for a seat, and you should watch the live stream from home.

What about uncomfortable solutions?

Well, this is the West End. There are lot’s of places in close proximity, so if you don’t mind wandering around like a reverse Michael McIntyre part way through the show then there is some flexibility. You can, if you please, hang around in a place nearby – watch the live stream on YouTube (or on the Ayn Rand Meetup Facebook page) and come over after the talk to join in and have a beer. This is of course, assuming enough people leave after the talk to make space for those joining. Fire regulations trump everything else, unfortunately.

The obvious source of discomfort is noise and quieter places seem to be available proportionally further from the Leicester Arms. So, for a quiet spot I suggest:

  1. Starbucks, Vigo Street (the one attacked by UK Uncut)
  2. Pret A Manger, Warrick Street, which closes a little earlier.
  3. The Glassblower, immediately opposite
  4. The Leicester Arms main bar, downstairs from the event.

There are no reserved facilities (unless you reserve them) and I have not personally visited these places so you will have to use your own judgment.

If you do make a decision to dive into one of them, then leave a comment and others may join you.

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