Video: Trump and the Decline of America

Yaron Brook started his narrative history of the rise of Trump with Sir Isaac Newton, backtracking later to implicate Plato and praise Aristotle…

His first argument was that Trump is a product of the philosophical mess that is currrent mainstream political discourse. “People know that the political elite is full of crap”, and are not trained by any other influences to be able to process and oppose rationally the insane positions flung at them. The only cultural reaction that is possible is, therefore, an emotional one and this is what Trump has channeled in his favour.

Yaron then outlined the good parts of the Western philosophical tradition and improved upon it for the audience, while detailing how this philosophy was discarded and diminished by left-wing and right-wing philosophical influences – and, in particular, the right’s failure to influence effectively or accurately.

Yaron then reviewed Trumps approach to the campaign and showed how it followed the pattern of autocratic demagoguery. 

He finished by imploring libertarians to differentiate themselves and capitalism from the positions Trump takes. He argued that the capitalism is not confused with positions taken by the left but is, and may continue to be confused, with right-wing policy including those of Trump.

It is up to libertarians and objectivists to fight the right and make a compelling positive case for capitalism.

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