Thursday Speaker: Rory Broomfield

Rory’s first stint in organised politics was with the United Nations Association as a director on campus at York university. He is, therefore, not automatically opposed to supranational organisations. He has, however, been a director of Brexit advocacy group Better Off Out since before the word Brexit was coined.

At York Rory got a first class BA in Politics, which does not sound at all unusual for a professional in Westminster. However, his committement to learn the role he is now in becomes quite clear when you consider his MSc (Master of Science) in Marketing and Strategy from Warick and his MA in Political Communication from City. He’s also studied briefly with LSE and Harvard on such things as “American Foreign Policy,  “Globalisation and Terrorism” and Marketing.

Rory has also worked his way into his current role through a research analyst role with JD Haspel, and in 2009 as an intern for some MP called Theresa May. He’s also worked with Sir Richard Shepherd who is “Parliamentary Co-Chairman for the Campaign for Freedom of Information and a member of the Joint Committee on Human Rights”. One guesses it was Sir Richard who has been more influential than Theresa in bringing Rory to his current role as a director of both The Freedom Association and Better Off Out.

Rory teamed up with Iain Murray in 2014 to enter the IEA’s Brexit Prize, a competition which was won by a diplomat named Iain Mansfield. Rory’s roadmap for Brexit “Cutting the Gordian Knot” was illustrated with a dingy heading into or perhaps around a swirling vortex. It has recently been updated in the light of developments up to October.

We are gathering to hear his thoughts on how the process has been going since the referendum and in particular in the week since Article 50 was triggered. If you are unable to get to Westminister to attend (free) in person then you are able to buy tickets to live stream from home.

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