What problems you care about most

Last night I collected your feedback about what problems you burned to solve. There are some old favorites and some surprises:

  • Feminism, and specifically “Feminism = Cancer” (three people endorsed this sentiment)
  • The lack of an effective opposition party (mentioned twice)
  • Political Correctness – specifically how PC affects job security and speaking freely in the workplace.
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Immigration
  • Blanket Surveillance
  • Mandatory encryption backdoors
  • Assange’s imprisonment
  • Government Waste
  • Crony Capitalism
  • Bank Solvency
  • Moral Hazards
  • The First Past The Post election system
  • Scotland
  • NHS privatisation

Of course given we were talking about Brexit there were a couple of mentions of that too:

  • Parliament failing to pull together for a successful Brexit
  • Economic fallout from Brexit



  1. I believe the two worst problems are the fiscal burden and the Credit Bubble (and fiat money) financial system.

    The effort to replace the basic functions of Civil Society with the government has undermined the culture – it is now uncertain how the old, the sick, the poor, children, would be looked after without the mega state – as traditional cultural institutions (such as Churches, Mutual Aid Friendly Societies – even the family itself) have been horribly undermined. And the fiscal burden of the government trying to do everything increases every year – and must eventually lead to collapse.

    Fiat money and the Credit Bubble financial system has delayed collapse (longer than I would have thought possible – I admit that), but it has also made the great bust (when it does eventually come) worse than it otherwise would have been.



  2. The popular libertarian refrain that there will be a “great bust” makes us sound like the man with the placard outside the cinema queue telling people that “the end is nigh”. It is also based on a fundamental misunderstanding of modern macro-economics- of course there will be cyclical ups and downs but the idea that the world economy is heading for inevitable meltdown is ludicrous.

    So there will be no libertarian phoenix rising from the ashes of the apocalypse. If there is to be a better future we need to concentrate on tackling some of the other issues Simon identified- freedom of speech, state intrusion and crony capitalism.

    I predict the NHS will collapse before the economy.



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