Spoof ‘Grievance Studies’ Papers Get Published

A bunch of left-wing academics in the United States wrote mock articles and sent them to ‘respected’ journals that specialize in Gender Studies, Fat Studies, Race Theory etc.

Some of the fake papers include: A section of Mein Kampf rewritten in the language of intersecionality, an article explaining why nobody should be allowed to make fun of radical feminists and a paper arguing that white students should not be allowed to speak in lectures.

There is a short YouTube video below detailing what happened and I have put a link to the original article below.

The results are both hilarious and deeply worrying.


The Grievance Studies Scandal: Five Academics Respond


  1. It is good that the moderate left is taking on the extreme Frankfurt School Marxist left – but I fear the extreme left is taking over the education system and publishing such as the academic journals.



    1. You will know much more about this than me. But Towards the end of the Victorian era it seems like many Oxford and Cambridge dons wanted to be theologians rather than historians, scientists, economists etc. Despite the rest of society changing rapidly around them. But it wasn’t long until such institutions were splitting the atom…

      My point being that there have been times before when academics retreat into the ivory tower and become anathema to the rest of society.



  2. I for one have been tremendously worried about the results reported in the Dog Parks exposé.

    Thank the Great Frog that my sweet Lucy never got much exposure there. I’m sure the language alone that she might pick up at such a degrading venue would be impermissible even in unmixed doggie company!

    And imagine the dear thing having her privacy disrespected by the goings-on of these “academics.” ….

    Seriously, thanks for the video; very enlightening. These three are being trashed all over the place, so they definitely hit their target!



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