Brett Kavanaugh’s Appointment is a Low Moment for Democracy

Imagine for a second that you are Chinese…

You are sat there in your apartment in the outskirts of Chongqing contemplating whether transitioning from a totalitarian state to a democracy would be a good idea.  For decades those people in countries like Britain, America and Australia have been telling you that things would be much  better if you could vote. But given the event that has just transpired in the USA, I seriously wonder whether many Chinese would come to the conclusion that becoming a democracy would be worth the effort.

This weekend we saw the conclusion on the Brett Kavanaugh saga. Having watched his car crash of an appearance in front of a senate panel, regarding his alleged sexual misconduct there should be little doubt in our minds that this man is unsuitable for a seat on Americas supreme court.

Regardless of your political position the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is a disaster. Although I am an anarchist at heart- I value democratic institutions. Bringing such a partisan individual into a body that is designed to be impartial, respected and uphold the US constitution makes a mockery of such democratic institutions.

One of the most worrying things about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination is the polarization it has caused in American society. If you are Republican-you love him, Democrat- you hate him. Sadly, this seems to be a worrying trend. Across the United States there is an awful lot of political football going on. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about reducing the amount of power a centralizing government has over society. If for no other reason than to let out some steam (or maybe that should be ‘hot air’).


  1. “Although I am an anarchist at heart- I value democratic institutions.”

    Really??? Sounds like you’re seriously confused to me.

    And how do you think that raising 40 year old allegations, inherently incapable of being substantiated, that two teenagers once indulged in some fumbling sexual activity in a dorm room could ever be anything other than an attempted smear?



  2. Ken, I certainly agree with your point. Well said.

    However, maybe I’m just dense, but I thought Jordan, who’s usually pretty percipient, was taking an opportunity to be sarcastic at the way the Dems have made such a disgraceful and disgusting spectacle of themselves, while trying to give the whole U.S. system a black eye.

    For the nihilistic-anarchist types, the cry was and is, “Smash the state!” For the Democrats, it is “Smash the State! WE will take over and do it better! Destroy the opposition!” (“Destroy” is the word that Sen. Chuck Schumer himself used.)


    When it’s meant seriously, this charge that Brett Kavanaugh was out-of-bounds in his “partisanship” “during” the hearings makes me emit a glow of nuclear radioactivity attendant to a gazillion-megatonne bomb going off over a large city peopled exclusively by the deranged among the Left, who do seem to be mostly Democrats and (on the streets) Professional Protesters (the same sort who were, it is said, were bussed into Madison, Wisc. in order to prevent Gov. Walker’s filling out his gubernatorial term some years ago; the same sort who were, it is said, paid to add to the ranks of the OWS protesters, maybe most notably at Zucotti Park in NYC).

    How could anyone watching the hearings have possibly missed the ongoing browbeating and bullying by the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee? The ones who would refuse to accept Mr. Kavanaugh’s replies as replies (an old trial trick in Perry Mason and other legal stories), or who would not let him speak at all before continuing their hateful rants? All of them did it; the ones who particularly stand out in my mind are Richard Blumenthal and Mazie Hironolulu [sic], and Kamela Harris, and the Coons person.

    At the end of this abominable, inexcusable treatment, Mr. Kavanaugh made an entirely appropriate, forceful statement against his mistreatment by this Kangaroo Court, in which he did indeed call out the Dems for their behaviour.

    This is what anyone in his position would do, if he had a backbone.

    Remember back to J. Clarence Thomas’s statement at the end of the Anita Hill hearings. He was no less forceful; and he called the proceedings a “high-tech lynching.” He was right. And I don’t suppose he had to say in so many words that the Dems were the party constituting the Lynch mob: That was obvious.

    It was obvious in the Kavanaugh case too, if anything more so. Why in heaven’s name should he not say so?


    As for the people in China, maybe some of them would think the goings-on here, while perhaps unseemly, showed that in America, you can have such a split of opinion without anyone’s risking execution — as in Tiananmen Square, or as, so I understand, still is liable to be the fate of Inconvenient Persons in the PRC.



  3. Check your thinking Jordan Lee.

    Wild charges were made – and allowed to be publically aired (Freedom of Speech). But they were REJECTED because no evidence was provided. The “presumption of innocence”.

    Justice Kavanaugh would NOT have been my choice (he is a far too moderate for me – and any friend of Justice Kennedy is not really going to be my taste), but the charges against him were just political nonsense – and he would have well within his rights to tell his Democrat accusers (Bernie Sanders fans I believe) to go f… themselves – and I mean use those words, answer the “questions” by saying “go f…yourself Senator”.

    No evidence was provided against him (just the fantasies of leftists) – and Justice Kavanaugh was duly confirmed. Although, I repeat, I would have much preferred a more conservative nominee (Justice Kavanaugh is an establishment type – and I do NOT like establishment types).


    As for CNN – if you get your view of the world from the CNN it is no wonder that you see the world in such a distorted way Sir.

    “Partisan” “polarized” – the left (the education system, the “mainstream media” and the rest of the evil scum – for that is what they are) have been trying to utterly exterminate the United States for decades. With such people there are only two alternatives – victory or defeat, and there is no substitute for victory.

    Yes – that does mean that the midterm elections are “war without the bullets” that is just what the situation is, one can not treat the left as if they had good intentions and one can work with them. They do not have good intentions – and working with them is suicide.



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