Pro Liberty Meeting, Thursday 18th April in London

Please note; Pro Liberty, that nascent force in libertarian politics, will be holding a meeting on Thursday at the Rose & Crown, Colombo Street, Southwark, a venue well-known amongst Libertarian Home stalwarts. James, our dear leader (provisional) writes:

When we created Pro Liberty, we did it in a minimal fashion.  We did what had to be done legally, we threw up a website, and that was about it.  We said at the time that the party and constitution was designed to last for a year, and we would let the members decide what they wanted the party to look like.

We’ve spoken informally to lots of people since last September, and now we want to formalise this discussion and get your input.  You can provide your input on these pages and/or you can come to our meeting at the Rose & Crown in Southwark on Thursday 18th April 2013 from 7pm onwards.

I hope to see some of you there.


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