The fluffy bit at the end of the first movie

Do you remember the end of The Followship of the Ring? Of course you do. After a long walk – a very long walk, actually – Sean Bean’s character, a human general, makes a play to take the ever-so-tempting Ring of Power from Frodo just as some Orcs arrive looking for the Hobbits. There is a battle, the traitor redeems himself in death and the Hobbits escape by boat. There is a touching moment when Sam insists on coming with Frodo and Frodo accepts his company by rescuing Sam from an decidedly un-wise pursuit of Frodo into the water. This last incident, that may or may not have happened in the book, makes for that essential dramatic conclusion to the movie.

BUT – that isn’t the last scene. That honour goes to the scene where Sam and Frodo look out over the road ahead of them and share a moment together. A moment that says, man, this is going to be hard, but at least we have each other. It tells you more about the characters and the emotions that they feel than any part of the “dramatic conclusion”.

So anyway, I’m not sure why I mention that. So by way of an apology for that digression, here is an update from Alex.

The warning may have meant bad weather, but nevertheless, the next day we hear this:

And then, once Alex has made it to the next milestone we hear that the burden of Christmas is weighing heavily:

But at least he has people with him:

For god’s sake donate something.


  1. I chipped in the other week. Btw there is a lot of discussion about Mordor being the Soviet Union etc., but it is a little-known fact that Balrogs (or at least Durin’s Bane) were (was) in fact French. If you recall, at the Bridge, Gandalf tells the Balrog ‘Go back to the château!’.



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